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Use Tradervue as your Sterling trading journal to review your trading activity. Journal, analyze, and share your progress to improve. Try it today for free.


“I find it hard to take a developing trader seriously who isn’t keeping a detailed daily trading journal.”
Mike Bellafiore - Co-Founder, SMB Capital

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Every week, we hold the free webinar Tradervue for New Users: Finding Your Niche. This webinar is hosted by Michael Thomas, professional trader and Tradervue Product Manager. You will learn how to use Tradervue to improve your performance and find your trading niche. 

Why a Trading Journal is Key to Making Consistent Profits

Sterling Trader is a great platform for beginner and professional traders alike. But to make the most out of it, you need an extra tool: a trading journal to review and improve your performance. If your performance has been underwhelming and you want to keep a Sterling trading journal, look no further than Tradervue.

Ask any successful trader for advice and they are likely to mention the importance of keeping a journal. That’s because trading based on instinct and guesswork can only result in losing money. To start earning consistent profits, what you need is well-researched, well-thought-out strategies that you write down and keep refining by reviewing them consistently.

A journal helps you develop discipline, inquisitiveness, and mental toughness – all of which are mandatory traits to be a top trader.

Keep a Sterling trading journal

Import your trades from your Sterling trading platform in minutes and start your trading journal from your web browser.

Your dashboard shows you an overview of your activity, including price charts for any execution and timeframe. You can easily find any trade and write notes to keep a record of where you made the right call, where you made a mistake, and what you should keep in mind to make better decisions.

Analyze your trades

Tradervue provides you with several analytics tools that analyze your data and reveal the ins and outs of your performance. Specifically, you have access to:

  • Overview reports
  • Detailed reports and statistics
  • Comparison reports
  • Tag reports
  • Advanced reports
  • Tick-based reports
  • Risk analysis
  • Liquidity reports

These features complement those present in your Sterling trading platform to give you complete clarity on your performance. This way, you will be able to:

  • Understand and learn from your mistakes
  • Improve your timing
  • Uncover markets trends and beat the odds


Share your notes and exchange insights

Tradervue comes with a sharing feature that allows you to share your notes and trades with the Tradervue community. You can even share your performance with your mentor to get feedback. Comparing the notes of other traders and exchanging insights with them is a great way to expand your perspective and find new ideas to improve your trading.


Why Sterling Users Choose Tradervue for Keeping Trading Journal


  • A Sterling trading journal for every trader. Both beginner and advanced traders use Tradervue for discipline, patience, and gradual improvement. Even firms can use Tradervue for customized onboarding, private groups, firm-wide reporting, and more.


  • Tradervue helps you find your edge. As a trading journal, Tradervue puts your data to work so you can find your edge. By monitoring and analyzing your performance, you will eventually gain an advantage over the market.


  • A trusted trading journal since 2011. Tradervue has been popular among traders for over 10 years. Users have praised its wide range of features and continuous evolution. Mike Bellafiore, the co-founder of SMB Capital, says that “SMB traders rely on Tradervue for journaling and performance analysis.”



Can I use Tradervue for free?

Yes, you can use Tradervue for free with the Free Plan which lets you use the basic features and enter up to 100 trades per month. To unlock the full range of features and enter unlimited trades, you can choose the Silver and Gold plans.


Is Tradervue user-friendly?

Absolutely. Tradervue has a simple UI that beginner and experienced traders alike can easily use. You can contact our support team anytime and they will be in touch as quickly as possible to answer your questions.


What types of trades can I enter on Tradervue?

You can enter stock trades, futures, options, and forex.


Can I import trades from another trading platform?

Yes. In fact, Tradervue is compatible with 80+ brokers and trading platforms. So if you ever decide to switch to another platform, you will still be able to import your trade data into Tradervue.


Does sharing notes mean other users will see my P&L?

No, Tradervue hides sensitive information by default when you share a note. You have full control over how much information you share with the trading community.

Trading with a firm?

Get the power of Tradervue, for everyone in your firm. The next level in journaling, performance analysis, trade reviews, and collaboration.