ThinkorSwim Trading Journal

A Simple Trading Journal for the ThinkorSwim Trading Platform


We are the top trading journal for ThinkorSwim. Successful traders have been using Tradervue since 2011.


“I find it hard to take a developing trader seriously who isn’t keeping a detailed daily trading journal.”
Mike Bellafiore - Co-Founder, SMB Capital

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Keep a ThinkorSwim Trading Journal

Tradervue lets you easily keep a ThinkorSwim trading journal. Import trades directly from ThinkorSwim in just a few clicks, and start reviewing the charts and statistics. You can drill down into a specific trade with tags and filters.

Tradervue also makes it easy to write daily notes (even on days where you don’t trade) so you can start every day with the right mindset and make sure you stick with your trading strategy.

The best traders will tell you that the biggest driver in trading success is keeping a trading journal.

Granted, qualities like discipline and grit are a must to succeed. But elite traders wouldn’t have reached their breakthrough, let alone develop winning strategies if they weren’t keeping a journal to guide them along the way. They learn from every trade and develop their edge over the years, which is next to impossible without a journal.

Why Trade Journaling is Key to Trading Success

  • Keep track of everything in one place. There’s only so much you can memorize. Having a trading journal helps you optimize your trading system to make your breakthrough and start making consistent profits while protecting your account from disastrous losses.
  • Learn and improve. Identify what you did well and why. Spot the underlying mistakes, what caused them, and tweak your strategies to reach better results.
  • Find your edge in the market. By keeping an accurate record of past trades, you will identify the trends and patterns that lead to losses and the ones that lead to profits. You will then be able to adjust your trading setups to reduce losses and increase profits.


What are the supported assets in Tradervue?

Tradervue supports stocks, options, futures, and forex.

Is Tradervue free?

Tradervue has a free plan that lets you enter up to 100 stock trades per month. For an unlimited number of trades and a much larger range of tools, sign up for the Silver or Gold plan.

Can I use Tradervue as a beginner trader?

Absolutely. Tradervue is a user-friendly tool that helps you keep track of your trades and discover ways to improve your performance.

Can a firm use Tradervue?

Yes. On top of all the features used by traders, the Gold Plan gives you access to features designed for trading firms, such as customized onboarding, firm-wide reporting, private groups, and more.

If I share a note, will other users see my P&L data and trade volume?

When you share a note, Tradervue removes your P&L data as well as the number of shares traded to keep personal information private. Silver and Gold users can display this information if they wish to do so.

Can I use Tradervue with other trading platforms?

Yes. In addition to ThinkorSwim, you can import trades from 80+ other brokers and trading platforms such as Fidelity, Webully, Ally Invest, and many more.

Trading with a firm?

Get the power of Tradervue, for everyone in your firm. The next level in journaling, performance analysis, trade reviews, and collaboration.