P&L Reporting Modes

Depending on your subscription level, Tradervue can report P&L data in the reports in either absolute $ (or other base currency) amounts, ticks, or R (risk).

$ (or other base currency)

In this mode, all P&L values in the report will be displayed in the base currency (USD by default). For trades which settle in other currencies, the reports will use the as-converted P&L in the base currency, so as to aggregate and compare performance across all trades.


In this mode, all P&L values in the report will be shown in total ticks. For example, if you have a trade where you traded 3 ES contracts, and made 4 ticks on each contract, the P&L for the trade will show as 12 ticks.

Ticks for different instruments will be treated equally; so for example, if you make 12 ticks in ES contracts, and 80 ticks in CL contracts, the total P&L will be shown as 92 ticks.

Note When you switch to tick mode, only futures trades will be used for the reports; other trades will not be included in the calculations.


In this mode, all of your performance metrics will be reported in R multiples instead of in absolute dollar terms. Refer to Risk Reporting for more details.

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