Trade import quota

Tradervue users on the free plan are limited to importing 30 trades per calendar month. Note that this means importing 30 trades in a month - it is not related to when the trades occurred.

The silver and gold plans have no limit on the number of trades that can be imported.

How are trades counted?

This number does NOT refer to individual trade executions; Tradervue groups executions into logical trades, and it is these trades that are counted. It is entirely possible to import tens of thousands of executions, as long as they are grouped into less than 30 trades. See this blog post for more information on how Tradervue groups trades.

In some cases, Tradervue may import more than 30 trades in a given month; this is done in specific circumstances to ensure data integrity.

Which trades will be imported?

If you import a file containing a large number of trades, they will be sorted by symbol (in order they are encountered in the data file), and then by date (oldest to newest), and imported in this order. If your import exceeds 30 trades, you may find that not all trades from a certain date are imported.

To ensure all trades for specific dates are imported, try importing smaller chunks of data by date, that are small enough to be imported in their entirety without exceeding the quota.

Importing remaining data

If your import only partially completes because of this quota, and you wish to complete the import after upgrading your account (or waiting for the next month), just re-import the same data; the missing trades will be imported seamlessly.

Silver and Gold plans do not have a limit, and you can import as many trades as you like if you are on one of these plans. View plans.

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